Utopia (Colonization)

Utopia (Colonization)

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-04-17

Catalog number: BP6382017

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Utopia (Colonization) (Original Mix)
Cortex Thrill
Utopia (Colonization) (Thorin Remix)
Cortex Thrill, Thorin
Utopia (Colonization) (Fabian Jakopetz Remix)
Cortex Thrill, Fabian Jakopetz

After a hugely successful return to Bonzai Progressive with Mitochondria in 2016, we welcome Cortex Thrill back in 2017 with the superb Utopia which features two top notch remixes from Thorin and Fabian Jakopetz. Regarded with high esteem in the music production world Cortex Thrill’s style and sound helped shape an entire scene back in the early nineties. Throughout the years the Cortex Thrill sound has moved effortlessly with the times, right up to today it brings a unique dynamic that reverberates beautifully, slotting into progressive sets with ease. The Cortex Thrill studio remains a hub of activity with lots of work being done not only for Bonzai but for Soul Access and for the Croatian electronic music scene in general. Lots more to come out of Croatia so stay tuned for more.

The Original Mix oozes a lush progressive vibe right from the off as thick and chunky kick drums lead the way alongside crispy hit hats and tight percussion patterns. A warping bassline comes through and we find ourselves locked on to the groove that just goes deeper and deeper. Mystifying strings litter the higher frequencies as a powerful synth lead dishes out its subtle melody. On the break we’re led into a wonderfully rich soundscape full of Eastern flavour and a fantastic spoken vocal before those chunky beats come back for more. Another top notch slice from Cortex Thrill that is not to be missed.

Fresh off the back of his superb remix for Iga Dep’s Indigo, Thorin is up first on the remix here and once again he does not disappoint. You know you’re in for a serious progressive experience when this guy’s name is mentioned. Over the last number of years he has churned out many top quality originals and remixes for Bonzai Progressive and beyond with each serving up the goods in style. On the remix here Thorin goes into the progressive abyss with a solid drum section leading the way and keeping the rhythm flowing nicely. Powerful sub level basses provide a strong platform for the track to traverse as striking synth notes add texture to the sound. Tight percussions etch out intricate patterns giving the groove a cool dynamic which is complimented by the spoken vocals. Superb stuff once again from this guy, a must have no doubt.

Fabian Jakopetz is back at the helm on remix duties for Cortex Thrill – he also delivered a fantastic remix on Mitochondria, and we’ve no doubt that this one will follow suit. No stranger to Bonzai, we always get excited to hear Fabians latest offering and, thankfully, over the years there have been plenty. On this remix Fabian goes straight for the floors with a strong charge from punchy kick drums and a tight rhythmic percussion arrangement. Stuttering basses add a pacey element to the track that will definitely keep the floors moving. The synth work is outstanding and works effortlessly alongside a myriad of FX and the vocal. If you’re after a solid and powerful progressive groover for the tougher sets, then this is the one for you, not to be missed.