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We welcome Hakan Ozurun back to Bonzai Progressive in 2022 with the superb, Morphed Feelings which is backed up with a trio of solid remixes. Turkish DJ and electronic music producer Hakan started producing and releasing his tracks professionally on Addictive Sounds in 2016. He has released music on BQ Recordings (Proton), Blue Soho Recordings and OHM Music. This latest effort marks his fourth full release with us and no doubt we will be seeing more from him in the future.

The Original Mix takes us on a deep, slow burning tour of the progressive house dimension. Smooth, warm basses caress the soul alongside ethereal, wispy textures and subtle melodies, while tight drums lay the foundation for a solid floor event. Belgian electronic music maestro Manu Riga kicks 2022 at Bonzai Progressive a masterful remix. He's been a stalwart for us over many years and he never disappoints. 2021 saw him hit the line-up for Legacy Festival and it was also was another bumper year for him and his label, Vesta Records. Here, Manu Riga toughens up the groove, injecting an edgier element with grit and drive at the core. Top-notch once again. Bonzai firm favourite Thorin joins the remix roster with his superb interpretation. A top contributor for us over many years, he enjoyed a set at the 2021 edition of Legacy Festival and we've no doubt he will continue to shine. On the remix here, Thorin stamps his mark in style, offering up a strong, grooving prog mover filled with mesmerizing moments and drenched in quality. London Based electronic music duo Kris Stewart and Ed James aka Orphix return to Bonzai Progressive seeing out the release with a fine remix. These guys are on fire at the moment and they never falter when it comes to pushing the boundaries, ensuring that their output is smothered in quality. In true Orphix style, they've hit the jackpot once more. Solid, driving progressive grooves are on offer, with delicate melodies and hair-raising synths taking control. Warm, infectious basses hypnotise as rhythmic drums keep the body moving.