Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-10-21

Catalog number: BP8852019

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Ringmakers (Original Mix)
Jungle & Juice
Ringmakers (Thorin Remix)
Thorin, Jungle & Juice
Ringmakers (Warung Remix)
Warung, Jungle & Juice

Jungle & Juice mark their Bonzai Progressive debut with the fantastic Ringmakers which is backed up with two quality remixes. Based in Vienna, this DJ and producer duo have gained a huge following on the scene. Both artists have a musical background, playing various instruments themselves such as guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, synths and drums. They first met in 2015 and since then they engaged in their musical journey, founding their own label called Leisure Music Productions. They love releasing and playing music with a happy vibe and they’re well versed in several genres. Great to have them on board.

The Original Mix is a full-bodied, deep and grooving progressive slice. Chunky kicks lead a dark rumbling bassline alongside contrasting melodies and gritty synths. A dark vocal dominates the groove delivering an intriguing narrative and giving the track character. A sublime cut full of hypnotic wonders that will not disappoint.

Thorin returns on remix duties after his last effort titled Let Go was well received. A stalwart for us over the years, he remains inspired by artists like Sander Kleinenberg, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Rick Pier O’Neil. His mixes and productions combine progressive house with dark tribal and hypnotizing sounds while maintaining his own unique style. He remains consistent in delivering top notch sounds, something we’ve become accustomed to from him. As ever we’re delighted to see him deliver the goods once again and we have no doubt we will be seeing much more. Here, Thorin delivers a beautifully polished remix which is driven by a tight drum arrangement and powerful, lurking bassline that sits menacingly on the low end. Soft melodies add contrast as more gritty synths fill out the background. The vocal pops up on the break before the main groove comes back. A relentless and mesmerizing slice that is not to be missed.

Warung are back at BP on the remix which follows hot on the heels of their debut here, Matahari. DJ and producer duo Aaron Hopkins and Dillon Ames make up Warung and, after experiencing different cultures the concept of Warung became the perfect meaning for their sound and project. Aaron and Dillon decided to put aside their solo projects and together cultivate a rich sound, from the ground up, with the intention of starting an organic musical identity. The cultivation continues but with each groove constructed, they continue to push forward into a new space that warrants a mix of old and new. After several productions and collaborations this duo knows their way around the studio and continue to bring more dance floor ready grooves to a thriving scene. Great to have them back. The remix here takes the track on a more tribal route, with a focus on wonderful worldly instruments. A solid groove is laid out with a driving kick and deep bassline alongside rhythmic percussions. Hypnotic arps and striking stringed instruments create a sublime atmosphere leaving room for a plethora of other musical elements to shine. Superb stuff, a must have no doubt.