Label: Cloudy Moon Records

Release date: 2014-12-22

Catalog number: CMDR004

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Requiem (Original Mix)
Red Sun Rising
Requiem (Alex Vidal Remix)
Red Sun Rising, Alex Vidal
Requiem (Angga Remix)
Angga, Red Sun Rising
Requiem (Thorin Remix)
Thorin, Red Sun Rising

Red Sun Rising – as one of the titles from the beloved Lost Witness classics – is a polish producer, Michal Niecikowski, from Szczecin, who is currently living in the city of Wroclav. Michal is big fan of the oldschool progressive house movement, but as a producer he also prefers genres like downtempo, ambient, dub, psybient or post-rock. In 2012, he debuted with an EP inspired by ambient spaces called ‘The Bird With The Wounded Wing’ released on Mistique Emotion. In the same year he made his progressive house debut too with ‘Behind’ and ‘Red Nails’, released on Mistique Music. ‘Requiem’ is another cornerstone in Michal’s carrier, he’s been really deep into the travelling – almost in the term of classic trance – sound, that immediately catch the attention of the listeners, while we get an unexpected aria in the breakdown that lifts the whole track into another level. The fantastic original got new, interesting versions by Thorin, Alex Vidal and Angga. Thorin added the oldskool flava to his version, with a well balanced bassline and long lasting effects, which surely reminds us on the golden era of progressive. Alex Vidal do his best, which is melodic, euphoric and relaxed at the same time, he perfectly adapts his recognized sound into the original frame. Angga appears here with a deeper attitude and a different synth theme in the breakdown, that adds another layer to his adaptation. – Greyloop