Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-07-17

Catalog number: BP6692017

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Pentagram (Original Mix)
Pentagram (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
Yuriy From Russia, Crossman
Pentagram (Thorin Remix)
Thorin, Crossman

Talented Russian duo Crossman debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Pentagram which features two quality remixes from Thorin and Yuriy From Russia. With a solid release under their belt alongside Yuriy on Balkan Connection back in 2016, this up and coming musical partnership is definitely one to watch.

The Original Mix opens with a deep foreboding groove filled with a lush bass and warm kicks. Shuffling hi hats bring in a steady flowing rhythm while a wonderful, textured layer of percussions adds intricate patterns. Various synth hits add lots of colour to the sound as the drum section dominates. The break unveils subtle melodies that stand in contrast to the cacophony of drums making this a definite must have for the late night darker rooms.

The hugely talented and popular figure around the Bonzai offices Yuriy From Russia hooks us up with another one of his top notch remixes. His last outing was the fantastic Under The Sky which featured a brilliant vocal from Ange whom he has collaborated with now on two cuts, with great support for each. It’s always a great time when his latest offering drops in. Yuriy’s strengths lie in his ability to draw out every last molecule of the progressive essence, and here he does just that. The track is driven by a tight drum section that forces you to move. On the low end we’re met with a deep droning bass that mesmerizes while the other end of the spectrum dishes out smooth and subtle melodies that captivate the mind. A real deep and meaningful slice here that you do not want to miss.

One of our most popular artists Thorin steps up for remix duties and once again he delivers a fine slice of progressive goodness. This guy boasts a very impressive back catalogue with Bonzai as well as several excellent tracks on various other labels. Back in March 2017 he gave us a quality remix on Cortex Thrill’s Utopia (Colonization) which gained great support from many. Here he notches things up a gear with a solid, driving progressive groove that will definitely find its way into many sets. Powerful kicks combine beautifully with a probing bassline that weaves through the track. Intricate arpeggios provide a brighter, more melodic sound while an array of percussion patterns keep the rhythm flowing. Throughout the track a teasing dark synth pad creates a mesmeric atmosphere that will keep you hooked for the duration. A must have that will not disappoint.