Harmonic Drive Progressivebeats radio

Harmonic Drive Progressivebeats radio

harmonicDFor generations music has connected people with a deep bond, friends have been made, relationships have been created, and tears have dripped out of our eyes from the pure emotion. With so much going on around the world we forget that we are all one family and we are stronger together, so we are uniting the world with a special event that will connect hearts from all parts of the globe.

The original idea for Harmonic drive developed from Michael Kern, who’s passion for music is simply indescribable, Michael came up with the concept while juggling between shows from his favorite artists, when suddenly the light bulb came on, joining all of these DJ’s together is like an engine working in perfect synchronization. A perfect Harmonic Drive.

Therefore we are pleased to present to you a marathon of undeniable musical talent from a staggering several countries! We have carefully hand picked our list of DJ’s to ensure a unique and wide range of music is portrayed and the journey that you will be taken on will be one to remember, we take you from melodic techno, to deep house and into cutting edge progressive with everything else in-between.

We hope you can join us for this magical broadcast, where we promise to have emotions high and the volume higher!


Event Details

Date: 03 April 2015
Location: France