2Junxion – ISON Thorin remix out on TWIDL RECORDS



The much anticipated flyby of the sun by Comet ISON is over, and instead of becoming the greatest comet known by mankind its destiny was a one way trip… It was predicted that ISON would be brighter than a full moon, most likely visible with the naked eye during daytime. The expectations were high as ISON neared perihelion, or closest approach to the sun. A dose of solar heat was supposed to transform this good comet into the greatest one ever. When ISON was expected to emerge from behind the sun, researchers were surprised when a fan-shaped cloud was visible in the sun’s atmosphere. No one knew for sure what was inside. Possibilities include a remnant nucleus, or a “rubble pile” of furiously vaporizing fragments. At the end of the story, comet ISON was nothing but a cloud of dust, it was never visible with the naked eye. Unfortunately this comet died a glamurous death around the sun. So lets remind this comet with this stunning EP from 2Junxion. Experience the energy that a comet could give! Remixed by Junkie Digital, Thorin and 100 Kilo Maarten, their views of the story are as no other… Like a COMET!

1 November 2014 Beatport Music remixes